This is not the first time that 13-digit mobile number has scared users

This is not the first time that 13-digit mobile number has scared users

NEW DELHI: Reports that mobile numbers will soon become 13-digit-long sent users into a tizzy earlier this week. The rumour started after certain sections of the media misinterpreted a DoT (Department of Telecommunication) order for machine to machine or M2M numbers.

The letter clearly specified, “It is decided that 13-digit M2M (Machine-to-machine) numbering plan will be implemented from July 1, 2018. From this date onwards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated 13-digit numbers only.” However, despite the clear mentioning of M2M, the word SIM cards and mobile numbers sent alarm bells ringing.


Incidentally, this is not the first time that 13-digit mobile numbers related reports have spooked users. Last year, there were reports that a call from a 13-digit number starting with 6 and ending with 812 will explode your smartphone.

An audio message warning users about this floated on social media websites as well as on WhatsApp. It even claimed that some 10-15 people have been killed after receiving such calls.

 There were also complaints of some other mobile users receiving spam calls from 13-digit numbers starting with ‘54321’.

There was another similar hoax circulating that took social media by storm in May last year. The message that circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook claimed that a phone call from the number 777888999 can set phone on fire and may get the person killed.

People shared several such warning messages warning that the phone of the person picking up the call would explode.

“URGENT? pl don’t attend any Call of mob no …777888999….if u attend. Call your mobile will blast … share to your friends …,” read one of the several such warning messages.

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