Petrol, Diesel Price Surge on 9th Consecutive Day Despite No Hike in Crude Oil Rate

Petrol, Diesel Price Surge on 9th Consecutive Day Despite No Hike in Crude Oil Rate

New Delhi, May 22: Motorists across India continue to face the brunt of surging fuel rates as petrol and diesel prices were hiked by oil corporations on the ninth consecutive day. The latest increment in prices came despite the crude oil prices dipping below $80 per barrel over the past week.

Petrol remains the costliest in Mumbai where one litre of the fuel will be charged at Rs 84.70 on Tuesday — 30 paise more than yesterday. Petrol price in Delhi has been hiked from Rs 76.57 to Rs 76.87. In Chennai, the rate has been surged from Rs 79.47 to Rs 79.87.


Diesel in the NCR will be sold at Rs 68.08. In Mumbai, the price for today has been fixed as Rs 72.48. The fuel will remain the costliest in Hyderabad, where the rate per litre has been increased to Rs 74.00.

Check City-Wise Petrol Rates for May 22:

State Capitals Prices
Agartala 72.60
Aizwal 72.72
Ambala 76.98
Bangalore 78.12
Bhopal 82.47
Bhubhaneswar 75.69
Chandigarh 73.93
Dehradun 78.11
Gandhinagar 76.17
Gangtok 79.90
Guwahati 79.03
Hyderabad 81.43
Imphal 74.95
Itanagar 72.74
Jaipur 79.62
Jammu 78.58
Jullunder 82.14
Kohima 75.32
Lucknow 77.59
Panjim 70.84
Patna 82.35
Pondicherry 75.66
Port Blair 66.26
Raipur 77.27
Ranchi 76.75
Shillong 76.24
Shimla 77.04
Srinagar 81.28
Trivandrum 81.00
Silvasa 74.77
Daman 74.70

Check City-Wise Diesel Rates for May 22:

State Capitals Prices
Agartala 66.17
Aizwal 65.37
Ambala 68.59
Bangalore 69.25
Bhopal 71.66
Bhubhaneswar 72.98
Chandigarh 66.11
Dehradun 68.41
Gandhinagar 73.17
Gangtok 69.80
Guwahati 71.07
Hyderabad 74.00
Imphal 66.15
Itanagar 65.35
Jaipur 72.51
Jammu 69.24
Jullunder 68.04
Kohima 66.43
Lucknow 68.23
Panjim 69.29
Patna 72.76
Pondicherry 70.33
Port Blair 63.81
Raipur 73.50
Ranchi 71.88
Shillong 67.88
Shimla 67.72
Srinagar 71.46
Trivandrum 73.88
Silvassa 68.90
Daman 68.83

Brent Crude Oil Dips Below $80 Per Barrel

The international crude oil rate jumped to as high as $84.4 per barrel on May 14, triggering fuel price hike in all importing nations. The trigger to the surge in crude oil rate was the abrogation of Iran Nuclear Deal by the United States, putting Tehran again under sanctions.

However, the crude oil rate dipped significantly over the past seven days, coming below the $80-mark. On May 22, the price was reported to be $79.34, up 12 cents from Monday.


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