New app cuts waiting time for passport verification

New app cuts waiting time for passport verification

The Ministry of External Affairs will be awarding the Tamil Nadu and the Puducherry police with a “Certificate of recognition” to “acknowledge its outstanding work” in the implementation of the “mPassport police app”, a digital, tablet computer-based application for police verification of passport applications.

This was announced in letters by the Chief Passport Officer of the Ministry of External Affairs addressed to the Director General of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Police, T.K. Rajendran and Sunil Kumar Gautam respectively.


Tamil Nadu was the first State in the country to implement the app across all police districts.

In other States, the application has been implemented only in some major cities. By February 2018, all police districts in Tamil Nadu started using the app for the passport verification process.

Key step

Police verification is a key step in the passport issuance process. Prior to the use of the app, the paper-based system of communication between the Regional Passport Offices and police stations, besides the actual verification procedure, resulted in a significantly higher processing time and bureaucratic delay, thereby increasing the time needed to issue the passport.


Source by thehindu